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Skunk Myths: Common Myths about Skunks

Common Skunk Myths:


Fox Urine will repel skunks

Fox urine will rid you of your skunk problem. This is ridiculous, and is simply not the truth. The idea behind this marketing strategy is that skunks will smell the urine, identify it as a fox (their natural predators), and leave. If this was the case, you may as well start collecting your dog pee – it’s much cheaper and should have the same effect.

The point is that even if it was an effective solution, why would you want to scatter the smell of urine around when you could use something just as effective? For example, using a mixture of essential oils of various trees and plants will be much more effective and potent when it comes to emitting undesirable smells to skunks. Heck, even throw some lemon peels in their den; at least you won’t have to smell urine for the next few months!

Skunks only come out at night

Skunks are nocturnal by nature, but they can go out during the day. Many people believe that a skunk roaming around during the day is a sign that it has rabies – this is not true. The main reasons for seeing a skunk during the day is that is searching for food that it could not search for at night. This can be due to a mother tending to her babies during the night, or other predators that have been preventing the skunk to search for food during the evenings.

A skunk will spray if you get too close

Actually, a skunk very rarely sprays, and when they do, it is usually only in defense. I’ve actually had skunks walk up to me within touching distance with no intentions to spray.

Skunks spray when they are alarmed, or when they feel they are being threatened. To avoid being sprayed when close to a skunk, avoid quick movements ( particularily in their direction), shouting, or making yourself look larger by waving your hands and arms.

Tomatoe Juice will remove skunk spray smell

You may have heard that tomato juice can neutralize the odor of a skunk. In reality, a bath of tomato juice makes you smell tomato juice instead.

A skunk’s smell is so overpowering that your nose simply gets used to it. The smell receptors in your nose bind the skunk odor so tightly that eventually you stop smelling it so much. This is called “olfactory fatigue.” The tomato juice you’ve just bathed yourself or pet with is a new smell that your nose is not used to yet. After a while, though, the tomato juice smell will go away and that skunk odor will come back.