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Removal of skunks using cage traps | GetRidOfSkunk.com

Removal of Skunks Using Cage Traps

Removing skunks using cage traps is humane, safe and relatively easy to do. The hardest part is determining what type of skunk cage trap to use. Once the skunk is trapped, you can easily take them far away for relocation.

Pail Cage Traps

Here is what a skunk pail trap looks like that makes skunk removal much easier than other alternatives.

It is suggested that you use a pail cage trap for the removal of skunks as they will become docile once trapped. The other benefit of using a pail trap is that if the trapped skunk does try to spray, it will only be able to spray in one direction. Skunk removal is easy when you don’t have to worry about being sprayed – it’s also safer because the trapped skunks in a pail trap generally do not feel as threatened as stressed as you are not as visible to them.

For more information on buying and using pail cage traps you can visit: http://www.ironcitytrapcompany.com/

Gravity Door Skunk Traps

Gravity door skunk traps describe a type of trap whereby the door closes from the force of gravity when the trap is sprung. While this type of trap can be very effective in trapping and removing skunks it can also be more challenging to release the skunk.

You will probably have to use a long pole to open the door once you are satisified that you are in an area that the the skunk will be far enough from where you captured it that it won’t come back. Some people have noted that some skunks will stay inside the cage even after the door has been opened – this is actually quite normal and the best thing to do is to wait for the skunk to leave on it’s own when it’s ready.