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How to Get Rid of Skunk Spray Smell

Removing Skunk Smells

Best Recipe for Removing Skunk Smell from a Human or Pet

  • 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide (from a Pharmacy)
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon liquid soap

Mix together and wash, keeping the mixture out of the animal’s eyes, nose and mouth. Use cotton for pet’s ears to avoid getting inside. Follow with a thorough tap water rinse.

Deodorizing or washing buildings, decks and outside areas

For buildings, decks, etc., a solution of liquid laundry ( Chlorox┬«) bleach (1 cup per gallon) will work. CAUTION – THIS MAY BLEACH THE BUILDINGS, DECKS, ETC. Try it on a small area if bleaching may be a problem.

The bleach must come in contact with the spot where the secretion was sprayed.

Repeated applications may be necessary for large amounts of the skunk spray. DO NOT USE THIS ON PETS. It will not work for skunk spray that has drifted over a large area or is trapped in a house. Only time and adequate ventilation will help in this case.

Deodorizing inside your house

Unfortunately this is one of the more difficult things you come across. If the skunk spray did not come into contact with any direct surfaces in the house, the best method is simply allowing the smell to dissipate over time, meaning that you will want to leave window open as much as possible to assist in this process.

There are, however, a few things that can assist in expediting the process of removing the smell of skunk from the interior of a house, or, at the very least, mask the smell while it dissipates:

Air Purification / Odor Control Systems

These types of systems are usually fairly expensive, and while some can work well they generally have limited success in removing the smell of skunk. See http://allergies.about.com/od/air/tp/specialized.htm?terms=air+purifiers for more information on air purifiers.

Incense (masking)

Simply burning incense or scented candles will help in masking the smell of skunk odor. It has been suggested that open flames actually help to reduce any type of smell in closed quarters; however, this is only theorized.

Ammonia based cleaner

Wiping your walls with ammonia based cleaner (like Windex) will remove most smells on direct contact, and temporarily mask the smell of skunk.

Vinegar, baking soda and water

This is, and always been considered the best recipe for cleaning and deodorizing. Mix the following to create an effective and safe cleaning solution:

  • 1 liter Water
  • 100ml Vinegar
  • 2 table spoons baking soda

Add a squirt of lime or lemon for extra cleaning effectiveness and to add a pleasant citrus aroma!