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Help With Skunk Removal: Who you can contact

Help with Skunk Removal: Local Municipality

Have your local SPCA or municipality set a trap. A simple call to your local government can work wonders.

It’s in the best interests in most municipalities to keep their city free of critters, especially if there is a chance that the health of locals and other wildlife is at risk. Many people employ poisons to kill skunks, rats, and other rodents, but this can also affect humans and pets. Also, some rodents attract dangerous predators (like coyotes, and sometimes even mountain lions), so a simple explanation to you local authorities should help with this problem.

Proffessional Trapper to Get Rid of Skunks:

Call a trapper. They can usually get the skink in 24 hours or less, but BEWARE: Taking one skunk away may only free the den up for another skunk. It is recommended that you drive the skunk away naturally as outlines in this book. This ensures that you will also keep other skunks away, and future problems with other pests.