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Using lights to get rid of skunks

Place a light in their living space when they are gone (since most Skunks are nocturnal, you will have to do this at night while they are gone). Once you have illuminated their den they will not feel comfortable and safe anymore – this essentially is their motivation to move, or not come back at all. Below is a picture of a wired crawl space that allows you to simply flick a switch to turn on the light, or turn it off when you do not need it.

You can also use a string of Christmas lights replaces with white bulbs to ensure you are maximizing the light, this way you will not need to call an electrician to wire your crawl space, or under your deck with lights.

LED lights also work well if you cannot run a power cord into the problem area – they emit a lot of light and can operate for hours without draining the battery.