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Make Den Un-Livable

How to get rid of skunks by making thier den unhabitable:

Scatter glass, tacks, or other sharp objects around. This is usually not a recommended method of removal as it can be harmful to the skunks and leaves you with a mess to clean up after they are gone.  However, it can be very effective as the skunks quite simply will not want to walk through or deal with this change to their den; it’s just easier to move.

Using water to get rid of skunks

Create a water hazard. One way to keep skunks away is to literally SOAK the entire area with a hose to create a mud pit, or to spread out a tarp that you can fill with water.

Let’s face it, if skunks were water creatures they would like in the water. One thing that works excellent is to purchase a sprinkler hose. Lay it out when the skunk leaves, then turn it on.  The light spray of water will keep the skunk from coming back, and if they do a simple turn of the faucet will chase them away in seconds!

Using smoke to get rid of skunks

If you want to get skunks out right away, try lighting a bundle of incense and throwing it in their den.


Don’t use this method for under your house, shed, deck, or any place there may be flammable materials.  This method is only useful in extreme cases where nothing else is working, and you need to get the skunk out ASAP.