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Skunk Traps Shop

Secure Skunk Traps

We provide 2 different products that can be used to trap skunks, rodents and other pesky critters:

Contained Trap

This trap is the premier option for trapping skunks, specifically because of the way it contains the skunks once the trap has sprung:

  • Prevents spraying because the skunk cannot lift its tail to spray once inside.
  • Cannot scratch handlers or other pets nearby unlike “cage” designs.
  • Keeps skunks docile in darkened environment once inside –the most humane and peaceful way to catch skunks.
  • Easy to transport and release skunks to another location.

Cost: $95, everything included: Free shipping to anywhere in North America, 10 days average delivery time.


Cage Trap

For those people on a budget, this is the most affordable way to go. This trap also sports a low profile preventing the skunk from being able to lift its tail and spray, however, due to the nature of the cage design a skunk may be startled and in defense flip themselves into a position where their tail is upright.

It is recommended that you use wire cardboard to the outside with twist ties with several holes poked through to enable the skunk to breath freely once captured. This trap has the following features:

  • Lightweight and easy to set and transport
  • Made of durable materials so you can use it again and again
  • Simple design, folds and stores easily.

Cost: $65 with free shipping to anywhere in North America, average 10 day delivery time.